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Widex Hearing Aids in Naperville & Wheaton, IL

Widex Evoke


EVOKE from Widex is the world’s first smart hearing aid. These devices use machine-learning technology to learn your listening preferences, and get smarter every day. You can use your smartphone to set listening preferences, and choose the sounds you want to hear EVOKE uses this information to get smarter and provide natural sound. EVOKE continues to learn, both from your experiences and the experiences of EVOKE users all around the world to create the best listening experience for all Widex wearers. You’ll have great hearing today, and even better hearing tomorrow! EVOKE features:

  • Automatic adjustments to programs and settings, making changes so smoothly you won’t even notice.
  • Smart technology that learns your listening preferences.
  • The best in natural, rich sound quality.
  • Advanced environmental mapping to help you hear in every situation.
  • Fast processing speeds that help you hear in real time.
  • EVOKE is available in four technology levels, and you can choose from a range of colors and styles to suit your hearing needs, lifestyle, and budget.


BEYOND is the Widex solution for connectivity. This Made for iPhone hearing aid seamlessly connects with your iPhone, bringing you the best in sound quality, and helping you connect with the world. You can stream phone audio right to your ears, and control your hearing aids from the palm of your hand. The BEYOND app lets you customize your hearing experience, and hear exactly what you want to hear. BEYOND features:

  • An intuitive app that lets you customize your sound settings and choose your listening programs.
  • Real time connection with your smartphone, T-Coil technology, and Widex wireless accessories.
  • 30% better speech understanding in wind, providing comfortable hearing in any listening environment.
  • Long battery life and great power output.
  • Available in three technology levels to match your hearing needs and lifestyle.
Widex Beyond


– Get Connected. Stay Connected.

With the Widex BEYOND™ made-for-iPhone hearing aid, you can enjoy the best that life has to offer. BEYOND brings you superior sound technology, Bluetooth connectivity and control of your hearing via your iPhone® and Android™ so you stay connected to your world. The customizable BEYOND app lets you design your own hearing, and it offers you connectivity anywhere and anytime.

  • Easy swipe technology, with an intuitive app that can be customized for sound settings and listening programs.
  • Instant connection to your iPhone, T-Coils, and Widex assistive listening devices.
  • 30 percent better speech understanding in wind, and a comfortable, natural sound in all listening situations.
  • Brilliant streaming sound when listening to music, taking calls, or watching TV.
  • Fewer battery changes, with the longest battery life in the industry.

Widex BEYOND is available in three technology levels and fifteen popular colors, offering a variety of options to suit your lifestyle, hearing loss, and budget. Ask your hearing health professional the BEYOND technology that’s best for you.

Widex Rechargeable

- Lasts all day. Charge at night.

Widex rechargeable batteries are available in a number of hearing aids, and a nightly charge will provide a full day of power. The easy-to-use charging station charges your devices in just a few hours, giving you power for all your hearing needs, and the superior sound quality means you’ll never miss out on life’s special moments.

EVOKE and BEYOND are both available with rechargeable battery options.

Widex Unique


The UNIQUE hearing aid is designed to provide a wider sound picture, allowing you to hear both loud and soft sounds with ease. It automatically detects your listening environment, and adjusts settings to provide the best hearing. It captures more sound to give you a wide range of clear and comfortable hearing. UNIQUE features:

  • Wind noise reduction so you’ll be able to hear clearly in windy environments.
  • Noise reduction that reduces unwanted soft sounds while still amplifying soft sounds you want to hear, such as quiet speech.
  • Adaptable technology that helps you focus on speech in any listening environment, whether you’re enjoying a quiet cup of coffee with friends, or outside on a hiking adventure. You’ll hear more sounds and enjoy a full, rich sound experience.
  • Several styles to choose from, including behind-the-ear (BTE) and in-the-ear (ITE) devices.

Hearing Aid Accessories

Widex created a line of DEX hearing aid accessories to help you hear, and they’ll connect you to a whole new world of sounds. You’ll easily connect to:

  • Your smartphone for effortless conversations and music streaming.
  • The TV to easily hear your favorite programing.
  • Other audio devices for the best in sound quality.
  • Remote Control for easy adjustments.
Widex Phone-Dex


The COM-DEX accessory helps you connect to any Bluetooth enabled device. Simply wear the COM-DEX around your neck, and you’ll be able to stream audio from your phone for hands-free hearing, and high-def sound streamed right to your ears. You can control the volume, program settings, and sound direction from the COM-DEX app.

Widex Com-Dex Remote Mic

Hear conversations in detail

The COM-DEX Remote Mic will help you hear conversations, and make it easy to hear in difficult one-on-one listening situations. The Remote Mic clips to the shirt of the person you’re talking to, and connects to your hearing devices to stream their voice right to your ears.

Widex Uni-Dex

For mobile phones and audio devices

The UNI-DEX accessory allows you to stream audio from your phone or other device right to your hearing aids for the best in clear hearing. All you need to do is plug the mini-jack cable into your phone, place the UNI-DEX around your neck, and enjoy easy listening and great sound quality. With UNI-DEX you can talk hands-free when on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

Widex Call Dex
For discreet streaming from mobile phones

For more discreet hearing, CALL-DEX in a compact device that will stream audio from your phone directly to your hearing aids. Just plug CALL-DEX into the jack plug of your phone, and you can use your phone normally while streaming all the audio to your ears.

Widex Phone-Dex

For easy landline use

PHONE-DEX makes it easy to use a landline. PHONE-DEX is a cordless phone that works just like a regular phone, and can be used by your whole family. When you answer the phone, audio will be streamed directly to both your hearing aids, and you’ll enjoy crystal clear hearing.

Widex TV-Dex

For enjoying TV

When it comes to watching the TV, your best accessory is the TV-DEX, which streams audio to your hearing aids with no delay and no echo. A handy Room Off setting blocks all room noise, so you’ll only hear the TV audio, and you’ll enjoy uninterrupted TV like never before.

Widex RC-Dex

Your remote control

The RC-DEX is a remote control that allows you to change the volume on your hearing aids, as well as switch between programs and settings. It’s so small you can carry it on your keychain, and the RC-DEX gives you control of your hearing aids with three intuitive and simple buttons.

Widex FM-Dex

For flexible streaming

FM-DEX is all about flexible streaming, and it acts as an FM receiver, telecoil, or audio line, streaming audio directly to your hearing aids for the best in wireless hearing. You can use it hear in classrooms or meetings, or stream music or audio using the line-in function.