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Unitron Hearing Aids in Naperville & Wheaton, IL


Moxi Family

Introducing the Moxi Family

Moxi All

The Moxi All was designed to do it all. This sleek device offers direct streaming, a rechargeable battery, and the best in sound quality. Moxi All has everything you need for clear hearing, including:

  • All day charge – charge Moxi All overnight, and you’ll enjoy a day of effortless hearing.
  • All phones – Moxi All connects to all models of smartphones, for easy streaming and hands-free conversations.
  • All your technology – Moxi All connects too all the technology you love, including your TV computer, tablet, and vehicle stereo for high quality sound played right to your ears.
  • All conversations – Moxi All helps you hear conversations, even in challenging listening environments, and you’ll easily hear every word.
  • All the comfort – Moxi All is ergonomic and attractive, and you can wear it all day with no discomfort.

Moxi Fit R

The Moxi Fit R is one of the smallest rechargeable hearing aids in the world. This award-winning design combines clear hearing with convenience, and it’s the best hearing aid for an active lifestyle. The Moxi Fit R features:

  • Rechargeable batteries with over a year of clear hearing and audio streaming.
  • Natural sound and easy hearing.
  • Clear conversations with speech enhancement technology.

Moxi Now

The Moxi Now sits snuggly behind the ear, and is nearly impossible to spot. No one will notice your devices, but they’ll be amazed by how well you hear. This small hearing aid packs a lot of punch with advanced programs and settings that help you hear intuitively, and connect you to the world like never before.

Moxi North

The Moxi North is a great hearing aid for those with an active lifestyle, and focuses on providing clear conversations in any level of background noise. Unitron designed the Moxi North to help you hear every word of the conversations you want to hear, no matter where you are. These hearing aids give you amazing comfort, revolutionary programs, and the best features to help you hear every conversation without straining to hear.

Stride M R

Unitron’s Stride M R is another rechargeable hearing aid that hearing aid users love. This award-winning hearing aid is designed to help you follow conversations, even in the most challenging listening environments such as a crowded restaurant, or a noisy family dinner at home. You’ll hear conversations with ease, and enjoy natural sound.

Stride M R



Insera changes everything. This family of hearing aids uses a sophisticated EarMatch™ technology to optimize performance for your unique ear shape. This feature allows for delivery of fantastic speech understanding and amazing awareness, while keeping everything sounding just the way it should.



Unitron Stride


The Stride family from Unitron is based on a user-centric design, and these behind-the-ear (BTE) and in-the-ear (ITE) devices will match your lifestyle and hearing needs while providing the best in speech understanding.

Unitron Max


Meet Max, one of Unitron’s most powerful hearing devices. This Super Power device features a Power Adaption Manager that makes it easy to adjust to your new devices. Max is initially programed to provide the amplification you’re expecting, but in the first few days it will automatically transition from the first fit to safer gain levels that will help you hear while protecting your ears from further damage. Max is recommended for those with severe or profound hearing loss, and this design focuses on increasing sounds clarity without removing awareness of the other sounds around you. Max is powered by the Era platform, and will protect your from over-amplification to give you the best long-term hearing health outcomes. Features of Max include:

  • Max awareness – Max will help you follow conversations while also allowing you to maintain spatial awareness to feel safe and comfortable.
  • Shifting speech – Max is designed to help you understand speech by shifting sounds you can’t hear into your range of hearing, so you’ll follow conversations easily.
  • Feedback reduction – Max works to reduce feedback, and provides clear hearing without the annoying whistling.
  • Protecting hearing – Max not only helps you hear soft sounds, it will protect your hearing by automatically reducing sudden, loud sounds, and you’ll enjoy comfortable hearing without noticing any interruption.
  • Connectivity – Max can connect to your phone for clear conversations, and you’ll hear audio from your phone played right to your ears.


Shine is focused on delivering natural sound, with comfortable listening and the best in speech clarity. It provides great value, and this affordable hearing aid delivers amazing features like Unitron’s TriVantage trio usually found only in advanced hearing aids. Shine offers:

  • Speech enhancement LD – Shine automatically enhances speech, and amplifies soft sounds without making loud sounds uncomfortably loud.
  • AntiShock – Shine makes hearing even more comfortable by automatically detecting suddenly loud noises, like a door slamming on the other side of the house, and reduces these sounds while still amplifying the speech sounds you want to hear.
  • Adaptive Directional Microphones – The directional microphones will help you focus in background noise and easily understand speech. Shine will amplify the sounds in front of you, while reducing distracting background noise coming from behind or beside you.


Unitron Accessories

Unitron Smart Control Remote

Enjoy a finer level of control

With Unitron’s Smart Control Remote you’ll have more control over how you hear. You can easily change between programs and settings without fiddling with tiny buttons, and can make incremental adjustments for a finer level of control and improved sound clarity.

Unitron uStream

Be discreet

The uStream lets you connect to your TV, MP3 player, stereo, or smartphone. This wireless connection will help you hear clearly and comfortably.

Unitron uDirect3

Enjoy streaming

The Unitron uDirect3 will help you enjoy effortless streaming, and this sleek device provides hands-free phone use as well as connecting your hearing aids to your TV, radio, or music player.

Unitron uTV3

Be entertained

or anyone struggling to hear the TV, Unitron’s uTV3 can stream sound from the TV right to your hearing aids, and you’ll easily hear every word of your favorite program in both your devices.

Unitron uControl

Make smart adjustments

uControl puts you in charge, and you can easily make changes to the programs and settings of your device. You can use your phone to switch between programs and control the volume, all without touching your devices.

Unitron uControl


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