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Signia Hearing Products in Naperville & Wheaton, IL

The world‘s first rechargeable SLIM-RIC combining style and binaural direct streaming.

  • Exceptional style – SLIM-RIC hearing instruments that can be worn with confidence
  • Portable rechargeability – Hearing aids run all day on a single charge, and the portable case offers another three full days of charging-on-the-go
  • A natural hearing experience – Signia Nx technology allows for the most natural own voice and clear sound in every situation
  • Complete connectivity – Easily connect with your smartphones and other smart devices for streaming and convenience


Hearing aid users love Signia designs, and Styletto is a groundbreaking industry first. Styletto is a slim hearing aid providing a different option to the traditional hearing aid shape, and this modern design has the hearing aid world buzzing.

Styletto is a fully rechargeable device, and features a portable charging case that can provide up to 19 hours of power after only 3 hours of charging. The portable charger holds 9 hours of charge, so you can recharge your hearing aids 3 times without needing to plug it in!

Styletto isn’t just a sleek design, this hearing aid provides amazing sound quality using all the advanced Signia programs and settings you love, such as speech enhancement and improved sound localization and spatial awareness. You’ll also enjoy an extended dynamic range, and Own Voice Processing for the best in natural hearing.

Signia Nx

Signia Nx

Signia’s Nx devices provide natural hearing in every listening situation, whether you’re having dinner with family, leading a board room meeting, or talking on the phone with a friend. You’ll also enjoy the best in connectivity and superior sound quality with seamless streaming from your smartphone.

Telephone – Signia Nx helps you hear by streaming audio from your iPhone directly to your hearing aids, so you can hear each word clearly. If you’re an Android user, you can still stream audio and music using the StreamLine Mic accessory for effortless hearing.

TV – using StreamLine TV, you can hear audio from your TV right in your ears, and you can control the volume and settings using the myControl App.

Remote Control – Signia’s myControl App gives you full control, and you can personalize your hearing aid programs and settings to match your unique hearing needs. The miniPocket accessory can be used as a remote if you don’t have a smartphone.

Own Voice Processing – Signia is known for their exceptional OVP or Own Voice Processing program, that recognizes the sound of your own voice, and adjusts the settings to provide a natural hearing experience.

Speech Quality – Signia makes it easy to understand speech in noise, and speech enhancement and noise reduction technology make speech clear and easy to hear. You’ll be able to follow conversations in noisy environments, and enjoy meeting friends for dinner in a noisy restaurant.

3D Classifier – the 3D Classifier automatically controls the settings of your hearing aids, so you can hear clearly even while you’re moving. Signia Nx will adjust settings as you encounter different listening environments, so you can hear clearly without having to make manual adjustments.

Sound Clarity – Signia’s solution to crystal clear hearing is Sound Clarity which provides natural hearing in all listening environments.


Insio Nx ITC/ITE

Bluetooth connectivity - the Insio Nx connects to any Bluetooth enabled device so you can stream music, phone calls, or TV audio right to your ears.

Natural hearing - Insio Nx delivers amazing sound quality and the best in speech understanding, even in complex listening environments.

Pure Charge & Go Nx

Pure Charge & Go Nx

Rechargeable – Signia’s Charge & Go Nx, combines Nx technology with the power of a rechargeable lithium-ion hearing aid battery to provide clean power for all your hearing needs.

Sleek design – these hearing aids feature a discreet design that sits snuggly behind the ear and provides high performance hearing.

Pure 312 Nx

Pure 312 Nx

Elegant design – the Pure 312 Nx is a powerful hearing aid with an elegant design that sits behind the ear. You can control Pure 312 from your phone, and no one will notice you’re wearing hearing devices.

Natural hearing – Pure 312 is all about natural hearing, and advanced programs and superior connectivity provide an exceptional hearing experience.

Pure 13 Nx

Pure 13 Nx

Maximum energy efficiency – Pure 13 Nx packs a lot of punch, and it’s powerful battery can support hours of streaming. You’ll enjoy clear hearing without worrying about running out of power.

Telecoil technology – Pure 13 Nx can be equipped with a Telecoil. In auditoriums, theatres, and even transit centers, you can connect to the induction loop in the building, and have sounds streamed directly to your hearing aids.

Motion 13 and 13P Nx

Motion 13 and 13P Nx

Custom hearing experience – Motion 13 Nx is a tailor-made hearing experience that will match your unique hearing needs and lifestyle, and you can customize your personal hearing solution.

Wearing comfort – Motion 13 Nx is a comfortable behind the ear device featuring an ergonomic design that provides extra wearing comfort.

Pure 10 Nx

Pure 10 Nx

Small design – Pure 10 Nx is a tiny hearing aid that tucks behind your ear. It’s nearly invisible, and the small design provides the best in convenience, while a remote control makes this a discreet hearing solution.

Automatic hearing – Pure 10 Nx automatically adjusts programs and settings for superior sound quality. You can enjoy hassle-free hearing without worrying about manually adjusting settings.



Alongside the Nx family of hearing devices, Signia continues to create hearing aids in the Primax Star line. This platform has been proven to reduce listening effort, and providing better than normal hearing in challenging listening environments. Primax Star is offered at the Essential level, so you can enjoy top performing features in affordable options. From wireless connectivity to tinnitus therapy programs and reduced listening effort, it’s not wonder Primax Star is a favorite among hearing aid users.

Follow conversations with ease – with SpeechMaster, Primax Star hearing aids make it easier than ever to focus on speech and follow conversations, and you’ll hear clearly in challenging listening environments.

Music like never before – HD Music is a unique program designed to give you rich sound quality, and you can enjoy live music, music from a stereo system, or even an onstage performance.

Low energy consumption – Primax Star provides high performance and complex functions without draining the battery. Intelligent processes analyze power output to reduce power drain to prolong battery life.

Motion 13 BT Primax

Motion 13 BT Primax

  • Connectivity – Motion 13 connects to any Bluetooth enabled device to stream audio directly to your hearing aids. You won’t have to strain to follow phone conversations, and you’ll enjoy the sound of rich, full music.
  • Safe listening – Motion 13 uses your iPhone’s motion sensors to analyze your surroundings, and provide safe listening through the myControl App.
  • Directional microphones – directional microphones allow Motion 13 to focus on what you want to hear, even in places with a lot of background noise.
Pure 13 BT Primax

Pure 13 BT Primax

  • Connectivity features – the Pure 13 BT offers connectivity features so you can stream audio from the technology you use the most, and easily hear phone conversations, music, and audio from the TV or radio.
  • Hearing in motion – you can enjoy optimized listening even when on the go, and the myControl App gathers motion information from your iPhone to help you hear clearly even when moving.
  • Better speech understanding – directional microphones improve speech clarity in noisy environments, and help you focus on the sounds you want to hear.
Cellion Primax

Cellion Primax

  • Rechargeable battery – Cellion Primax uses a lithium-ion power cell to provide a full day of power. Charging begins the moment you place the hearing aids on the charger, and turns off when remove the devices.
  • Long battery life – from one charge you’ll have 24 hours of power, including streaming, so you don’t have to stress about running out of power.
  • OneShell design – Cellion Primax features a unique design, and has been rated IP68 for water and dirt resistance, keeping your hearing aids clean and safe.
  • Remote Control app – with the touchControl app, you can easily switch between programs and settings, and have full control over how you hear.
Ace primax

Ace Primax

  • Directionality – directional microphones for speech understanding make it easier than ever to focus on speech.
  • Remote control – Ace Primace can be controlled with the touchControl App for discreet adjustments.
Carat Primax

Pure Primax

  • Wireless connectivity – Pure can connect with any Bluetooth enabled device using easyTek and the easyTek app, providing exceptional sound quality. You can easily follow conversations on the phone, and enjoy music streamed right to your hearing aids.
  • Charging contacts – Pure Primax has rechargeable batteries so you won’t need to worry about replacing batteries or running out of power.
Pure primax

Carat Primax

  • Exceptional sound quality – with directional microphones and background noise reduction, you’ll enjoy the best in clear hearing.
  • Rechargeable batteries – simply place your hearing aids on the chargers over night and enjoy a full day of a power.
Motion SX, SA, P, and SP Primax

Motion SX, SA, P, and SP Primax

  • Power and Super Power options – Primax provides options for those with severe to profound hearing loss, making great hearing accessible for everyone.
  • Directional microphones – direction microphones, combined with the best in noise reduction and speech enhancement technology, helps you hear in any listening environment.
  • Optional battery compartment – Primax provides direct audio input in certain devices, using a plastic audio shoe for clear clearing.
Silk primax

Silk Primax

  • Click Sleeves – Silk Primax is a revolutionary hearing aid that provides immediate fitting. Soft Click Sleeves come in three different sizes, and snap onto the hearing aid to fit any ear comfortably.
  • Invisible hearing – Silk Primax sits inside the ear canal and is almost impossible to spot.
  • touchControl App – you can change between programs and adjust settings using the touchControl App on your smartphone.
Insio Primax

Insio Primax

  • Clear Hearing – directional microphones help you focus on the person in front of you, and help you hear what you want to hear.
  • Volume control – you can find buttons on Insio that allow for direct sound adjustments.

Additional Signia hearing aid options available.

Besides a comprehensive line of hearing aids, we offer accessories like the Signia eCharger™, which recharges your hearing aid batteries while you sleep. The easyTek connects your hearing aids to many different Bluetooth®-enabled devices, like your television, smartphone, and gaming console. And the touchControl™ App transforms your smartphone into a remote control for your hearing aid settings for the ultimate in convenience and discretion.

* Study conducted at the University of Northern Colorado, 2015, examined the effectiveness of the new features of primax by collecting and analyzing ongoing EEG data while subjects performed speech testing. For both primax features SpeechMaster and EchoShield, the objective brain behavior measures revealed a significant reduction in listening effort when the feature was activated.

** Achieved IP68 rating per IEC 60529 standard

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