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Hearing Clinic Chicago, IL

Your Resource for Better Hearing, Better Living.

Hearing Test Services for Naperville & Wheaton, IL

Also serving Glen Ellyn and Downers Grove

Hearing tests for infants to senior adults. A comprehensive case history is taken along with a physical examination of the outer ear canal.  If necessary, ear wax is removed.

The hearing evaluation consists of pure tone air & bone conduction testing, speech discrimination & speech reception measurements.  Tympanometry (measurement of compliance of the ear drum and middle ear) with or without acoustic reflexes is administered.

The results of the hearing evaluation are reviewed immediately after testing is completed with the patient.  During this time, the diagnosis of the hearing and recommended course of action is given to the patient.

Our hearing tests in Naperville, IL Wheaton, IL take approximately one hour to one hour and fifteen minutes and the service is typically billed to insurance. It is highly recommended that you bring a significant other (spouse, friend, parent, son, or daughter) to the hearing evaluation.

At any age, if you experience any one of the following symptoms, an immediate hearing evaluation must be done:

  • Sudden change in hearing
  • Stuffiness or the sensation of water in the ears exists
  • Asymetrical hearing (one ear is better than the other)
  • One sided tinnitus (ringing, buzzing or hissing in the ear)
  • Constant tinnitus in both ears
  • Others tell you to get your hearing checked
  • Social withdrawl, depression
  • Make mistakes at the workplace
  • Have had or will be receiving chemotherapy treatment of any kind
  • Currently or have been exposed to loud noisy environments including gun/rifle use
  • Have been tested for or diagnosed with dementia
  • Have been told that the TV is too loud or speak loudly
  • Have family history of hearing loss
  • Frequently ask others to repeat or difficulty hearing children

Adults over the age of 40 should have a baseline hearing evaluation done. Call our Naperville or Chicago office to schedule an appointment.

Hearing Specialists of DuPage is an approved provider for most insurance plans and third party payers.