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Hearing Protection in Naperville & Wheaton, IL

Hunting Ear Plugs

Whether you’re enjoying a concert with friends, cruising down the highway on your motorbike, or spending your Saturday hunting, make sure you’re doing the right thing for your hearing health, and protect your hearing. Foam or wax earplugs can protect your ears, but if you have loud hobbies or a noisy workplace, invest in your hearing health, and get quality hearing protection.


If you’re a hunter, you have unique hearing needs. During the hunt you need to be able to hear very soft sounds, and hearing a rustle in the bushes could make all the difference in successfully hitting your mark. However, the sound of a gunshot at close range is extremely loud, and can cause permanent hearing loss after just one shot.

Hunters earplugs are digital hearing protection that allow soft sounds to reach your ear normally, without muffling the sound. When your gun fires, a filter instantly blocks dangerously loud sounds, protecting your hearing.

Music Hearing Plugs


Musicians are surrounded by extremely loud sounds day in and day out, and need to protect their hearing. Traditional hearing protection muffles all sounds, and musicians can’t hear all the subtle sounds of the music that give create the rich, full sound. Musicians hearing protection are designed for musicians, concert goers, or even for bartenders and waiters. They maintain the balance of the sounds, so you’ll still hear all the sounds accurately and clearly, but at a safe volume.

Swim Plugs


Swimmers need ear protection, both to protect their ears from water and bacteria, as well as to reduce loud sounds. They can be worn in the pool or in the shower. Swimming earplugs float, so you don’t have to worry about losing them.

Sleep Plugs


If you’re a light sleeper, or work night shifts, sleeping earplugs will give you uninterrupted rest during the day or night, and provide comfort even when laying on your side.

Motorsport Plugs


If you drive a motorbike or participate in sports that require you to wear a helmet, you can protect your ears with hearing aids that feature a hollow canal. They’ll sit comfortably under your helmet, and reduce feedback from wind.

Surfer Plugs


Surfing can damage your hearing, and the cold water and wind can cause surfer’s ear or swimmer’s ear. These floatable earplugs have a sealed membrane to keep water and wind out of the ear, but don’t muffle speech or block sounds.

Occupational Plugs


If you work in a noisy sector like construction, manufacturing, or farming, you need to protect your hearing. These earplugs will protect your ears from loud machinery, power tools, and any other dangerously loud sounds on your jobsite.

Custom Ear Buds


iCustom earplugs can be used to protect your hearing when wearing button style earphones.

DefendEar 1

DefendEar 1:

Great for hunters, these earplugs help you hear the soft sounds you’re straining to hear, but will protect your hearing the moment you pull the trigger.

DefendEar 2

DefendEar 2:

This hearing protection comes in two modes. The game mode is great for intermittent shots, allowing you to hear clearly between shots. The clay mode is ideal for continued shots.

DefendEar Hunter

DefendEar Hunter:

The DefendEar Hunter is designed to protect your ears from loud shots and wind interference, and the digital features allow you to hear normally when you’re not firing.