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Hearing Loops in Naperville & Wheaton, IL

Hidden assistive listening devices

The hearing loop system is an assistive listening device that's hidden in your living room or bedroom where you watch TV.  It is designed to enhance sound from your TV directly to the hearing device (hearing aid or cochlear device) by use of a telecoil feature.  Telecoil is a small coil of wire built inside the hearing device designed to pick up a magnetic signal (wireless) from another device such as a telephone or hearing loop.  the result is a crystal-clear sound quality that even headphones can't rival.

A loop is a wire that is hidden under carpet, baseboards or in the basement ceiling, around the perimeter of the room, installed by a professional.  A loop amplifier is a small unit that is connected to the TV and converts the signal to telecoil.  The signal is sent wireless from the loop to the hearing device, providing a personalized sound broadcast to both ears without any wires or headsets.

Hearing Loop Diagram Here

Typical schematic of a hearing loop system in your home. The loop placed around the perimeter of the room is invisible, shown here for purposes of illustration.

Installation & Service

Hearing Specialists of DuPage installs hearing loop systems in homes and commercial sites.  A trained loop installer provides all of the necessary materials and labor to install the system.  The only requirements for the system is a TV or cable box with an audio output (most TVs and cable boxes have it) and outlet nearby, a telecoil in the hearing aid or cochlear device.  If you're unsure if you have a telecoil feature, we can check your hearing device for you.  In most cases, telecoil can be installed into the hearing device if you don't have it.   Contact our office at (630)580-5777 to order your hearing loop system today.

If you would like to have your church or a public site you use to be equipped with a hearing loop, please let them know!  It won't get done unless you ask for it.  Also, please let us know!

To read about our recent installation of a hearing loop system at Edman Chapel, Naperville, Wheaton College, click on the link below:

Hearing loop Wheaton College