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Danada Professional Center

2323 Naperville Rd. Suite 200
Naperville, IL 60563

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Wiesman Institute

712 N. Dearborn
Chicago, Illinois, 60654


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Hearing Aids Supplier near Naperville, IL

Also Serving Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, & Downers Grove

We use the following national brand manufacturers at competitive prices:

Use only national brand products, not private label brand products. National brand name products have the actual maker of the hearing aid name on it, can be serviced at any office, hearing aid information is specific and easy to find and most important of all, you know what you are getting. Serving Naperville & Wheaton, IL.

Private label brand products use the name of the dispensing office on the hearing aid instead of the maker, can only be serviced where it was bought, has vague information on hearing aid data and least of all, you don't know what the exact product is. Private label branding is an attempt by those who use it to prevent you from making an educated decision to get the best value for your dollar.


Hand Holding A Tiny Hearing Aid In Naperville, IL

Is invisible small enough for you? Invisible in-the-canal hearing aids are available!

Hearing Aids In Chicago, IL, Ear Model

The invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) hearing aid is designed to fit discreetly inside the ear canal past the second bend, placed just two millimeters from the ear drum. Fit comfortably, it is removed daily to promote better ear health. The IIC is custom fit to the ear by taking a deep wax impression of the ear canal by the Audiologist. The unique position of the IIC in the canal allows one to use the telephone, wear headphones or earbuds without any discomfort.

Musician's Plugs

We also have musician custom monitors and earplugs for the professional and amateur musicians.  We use Sensaphonics and Westone products.  For more information about musician custom earpiece products visit www.sensaphonics.com.

"This evening I went with a friend to the Morton Arboretum for an outdoor event. There was live music, wine, cheese and Tapas. The evening was pleasant weatherwise. We found a table fairly close to the music, which was quite loud. My friend is a talker. I am pleased to report that we sat outside for 2 hours listening to the music and having non-stop conversation. I don’t think I missed a single word. I didn’t have to say "Pardon me" or "Say it again" one single time. I was so pleased with my hearing aids. I thought you would like to know that."

Dorothy, Wheaton, IL.