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Hearing Clinic Chicago, IL

Your Resource for Better Hearing, Better Living.

Audiologist in Chicago

Hearing Specialists of DuPage - Gold Coast – the Chicago area leader in hearing loss solutions.

At Hearing Specialists of DuPage-Gold Coast , we’re proud to help those in the Chicago area with their hearing loss through innovative technology and compassionate care.

About Our Hearing Test:

Are you struggling to make out what others are saying around you? Does ambient noise drown out the conversation? Does it seem like everyone is mumbling all the time? It could be a sign of hearing loss. For those in the Chicago area, our hearing evaluation is administered by a licensed audiologist. It is designed to assess the degree of hearing loss you are experiencing and to help determine the underlying cause of the hearing loss.

Our specialists will determine if medical intervention is necessary to correct your hearing loss. If medical intervention is necessary, we have an Otolaryngologist (ENT physician) on staff that performs medical treatments to correct hearing loss.

However, for those Chicago area patients who aren’t candidates for medical intervention, hearing aids may provide the best solution to ensure a high quality of life by hearing better.

About Our Hearing Aids:

At Hearing Specialists of DuPage-Gold Coast, we’re proud to offer our patients in the Chicago area access to a wide range of hearing aid styles and types. For some patients, in ear models may be best, such as custom in-the-canal or completely-in-the canal styles. However, for other patients, behind-the-ear hearing aids may more appropriate. We will assess the best fit based on your hearing loss and lifestyle needs.

About Our Chicago Area Hearing Clinic:

At Hearing Specialists of DuPage-Gold Coast, we have years of experience treating hearing loss. Our hearing evaluation is administered by compassionate specialists, whose sole goal is to improve your quality of life. We offer support at every step along the way, from conducting the hearing test to fitting hearing aids. We also offer hearing aid repairs for those who currently wear hearing aids.

We invite you to call our hearing clinic today at 312-765-7875.